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Bootcamp Lab 19 - DLSW posted 09/16/2001
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Hi all,

I've searched the archives and no one seems to have picked up on the q5 in
task two.

You are asked to configure a static resource on R6 for MAC address
4444.3333.2222. Since this router has only an ethernet configured as part of
DLSW then this resource would be an ethernet device. so shouldn't you be
converting the address into non-canonical and configure as follows

dlsw icanreach 2222.cccc.4444

If this kind of thing comes up on the real lab I guess I'll ask the proctor
for clarification. And the same applies for q3 as this address range
3003.3003.xxxx could be for ethernet of token ring devices as the DLSW
config includes both interface types.

Anyone agree or disagree. Appreciate nay comments.


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