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RE: OT - Recent CCIE looking for advice from other CCIE's posted 09/15/2001
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At 08:33 AM 9/15/01 -0500, Chris Mott wrote:
Definitely move companies, maybe even locations ... when I passed mine, I
got an immediate 30% bump ... the promotion was already there, but my
company is a Cisco Gold Partner, so it behooves them to keep me happy and
keep me employed there ... you might look around for a company that is a
Silver Partner looking to upgrade ... the points difference in margin that a
Gold Partner can offer as compared to a Silver Partner is substantial ...
for instance, my company saves 3-6 Million dollars a year having me on staff
with my thumb up my ass ... when I work for them, it's just gravy ... good
luck and congratulations!

The guy said the his company paid for a lot of the training along the way. CCIE is a vendor cert afterall (Yes I am a CCIE, 8041). It's not the cert, but experience (even for CCIE). Having passed the lab, I now believe that one can get this cert with modicum of experience - something I woudln't have believed before I passed.

So if the company footed the bill for his training, shouldn't it be a two-way street?

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