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RE : OSPF---Igrp posted 09/15/2001
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If you redistribute OSPF into IGRP, remember that IGRP is a classful routing
protocol.  It will only get the major networks into it..  Which means that
you might encouter routing loops if you do mutual redistribion..

Does this help ?


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De : ccie spoon [mailto:cciespoon@xxxxxxxxxxx] 
Envoyi : 15 septembre, 2001 10:06
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Objet : OSPF---Igrp 

hello everyone,

this is just a quick note asking for a summary (!) to a problem that 
research into the archives has only served to confuse my more about...
redistribution of ospf into igrp. As I understand summary address will NOT 
work on the ASBR as the command is intended for routes going into ospf. Area

range is a better solution but, of course the router has to be an ASBR. 
Default network and (deep breath) statics are your other choices. The
problem is that I get inconsistent results in my lab (even after 
applying route maps to prevent feedback etc.)
Routes show up in IGRP..then go into holddown.
If anyone could offer some kind of assistance / concise explanation or a 
pointer to one, it would be much appreciated.

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