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RE: Help! posted 09/14/2001
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Then what would prevent regular traffic from bringing up the ISDN link ?
The costs associated with the interface ?  And how about the snapshot
routing ?

Thanks for any info !


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De : Carole Warner Reece [mailto:cwr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Envoyi : 14 septembre, 2001 09:05
@ : Fear, Russell H; 'ccielab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
Objet : Re: Help!

Do you have 'ip ospf demand-circuit' on both sides of the link?  If so, you 
probably only use it one side.

The ip ospf demand-circuit should only be configured on one router for a
point-to-point circuit.

If it is placed on one interface (say, not the ASBR), then a simple
'dialer-list 1 protocol ip permit' allows the link to act as a backup
circuit for OSPF area 0 (connecting an ASBR to area 0.)

However, if 'ip ospf demand-circuit' is placed on both interfaces, then you
see the kind of behavior you are mentioning.


Carole Warner Reece, CCIE #5168
Mentor Technologies
At 10:38 AM 9/14/01 +0100, Fear, Russell H wrote:
>Can anyone in the group help me with thhe following problem.
>I have an ospf router which is redistributing igrp into area 0. It also has
>an isdn back-up as a demand circuit so that if the main connection to area
>dies, the isn kicks in and routes are still available. The problem is that
>the LSAs caused by the re-distribution bring up the link continually. If I
>block these, I block routing updates. I cant make the area a stub or an
>because it is area 0 and has two other areas hanging off it.
>Am I missing something obvious ? It's been driving me mad. Help please .
>*   700 2201 Internal
>*   +44 ( 0 ) 870 238 2201 External
>*   russell.fear@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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