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Re: HSRP load sharing with redundant circuits posted 09/13/2001
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I am not sure I fully understand your objectives but it sounds to me like 
policy routing would provide what you need.  You could define policy
routing (with its associated route-maps) so that certain traffic going 
through the master would have the next-hop address set to be the slave 
router which would receive the traffic and make a forwarding decision 
which would send the traffic down the other link.  You would need
something similar at the other end to ensure that responses were divided 
over both links.

While you could do this, it would  be somewhat complex and I dont know 
that the results would be what you really want.  There are several issues 
to consider including:  do you also need something similar if the backup 
router takes over the HSRP lead; what will be the result if the Ethernet 
remains up so the lead router is redirecting traffic to the backup but the 
WAN link from the backup is down (would you be creating a loop ?); while 
it will utilize bandwidth on both WAN links it will mean that some traffic 
will cross the LAN twice (increasing load on the LAN to balance the WAN), 
what criteria would you use in the route-map to identify traffic to be
re-directed ?


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On Thu, 13 Sep 2001, McHie, Anthony wrote:

> Hey gang,
> Here is my question:
> How do you get an HSRP master to make use of the circuit on the HSRP standby
> router?  The circuits are low bandwidth full-duplex.  The desired state is
> to have both circuits utilized for both TX and RX.  I'm open to route-maps,
> routing protocols, or any other means.  Thanks
> 				     Current State
> 				   ------------------
> 				     HSRP
> 			_____________________________________
> 			|				|
> 		-------------				-------------
>             |    HSRP 	|				|   HSRP	|
> 		|   Active  |				|  Standby	|
> 		-------------				-------------	
>   All Transmit	\						/	All
> Receive
> 	||		 \					     /
> /\
> 	||		--					     --
> ||	
> 	||		\						/
> ||
>       \/		 \					     /
> ||
> 		-------------				-------------
>             |   HSRP   	|				|   HSRP	|
> 		|  Standby 	|				|  Active
> |
> 		-------------				-------------
> 			|					|
> 			_____________________________________
> 					HSRP
> P.S. forgive the crude drawing.  I know we can't attach diagrams
> **Please read:
**Please read:
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