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RE: ISIS over Frame Relay - posted 09/13/2001
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Use the frame-relay map clns (dlci) if using a physical interface.
Verify that you don't have a hello mismatch (ex. physical at the Hub and
at the spoke). I have seen this error message CLNS: System ID
must not change when defining additional area addresses; and it stems from
a net incorrectly and then trying to readd it. The solution is to just
remove the
ISIS routing process and then readd the net correctly. (also check your
you should follow the Gosip Nsap format or the OSI address format)

Gosip Nsap address
      		Domain          |
	 |   |    |    |    |    |    |           |      |
	 |   |    |    |    |    |    |           |      |
	AFI IDI  DFI  AAI  Resv  RD  Area     System ID  N-selector

	Osi Nsap address
|    	       Domain|Area|    System ID| S|


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Please post your configs. Additionally you might want to check and ensure
that the kind of intf match on both ends bcos ISIS does not have any kind
of cmd similar to 'ip ospf network <type> ' to match hellos. So if you
have point-to-pt intf on one end , the other end also has to be the same.

Check and email ur config.

On Thu, 13 Sep 2001 jonatale@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> There was a big discussion on this mailing list about 3 weeks ago -- I
> basically ISIS can only work over p2p and bcast/full-mesh, not over
> NBMA/partial-mesh/hub-spoke.
>         ccielab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Piperw222@xxxxxxx wrote:
> > Can anyone please post working configs for ISIS over Frame relay...
> > let me know the configs for sub interface on the hub as well as without.
I am
> > having problems forming an adjacency over the Frame relay cloud. I need
> > very simple config for hub and spoke...
> >
> > I am also getting problems when configuring the area address and system
id -
> > I wanted to use the address of the Ethernet put when posted it into the
> > router I got the following error message.
> >
> > %CLNS: System ID (0000.E01E.3E8C.00) must not change when defining
> > area addresses
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > Lou
> > **Please read:
> **Please read:
**Please read:
**Please read:
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