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Re: OT:mourning time- but what happened to test takers posted 09/12/2001
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Yes, its terrible for people who have the lab scheduled.  Aside from the
transportation difficulties...........the distraction must be intense.
I can't imagine being able to concentrate.  Best of luck to those that
must take the lab in the next few days.  You have to just mentally shut
out the attack..........not to be unsympathetic, but you must concentrate
at the lab at hand, and do the best you can do, and just try to stay
focused.  Then return to your state of mind when its over...........yes
very difficult to do, and I don't think I could do it myself, best of


On Wed, 12 Sep 2001, Sakir Balikcioglu wrote:

> last couple days because of the travel problems? How have Cisco lab rules
> been effected? Did anybody hear from Cisco on these issues? I am taking the
> lab in two days but still did not hear any news from Cisco about their test
> plans this week. Has anybody got a clue?
> I am deeply sorry for the people who lost family members and for the people
> who lost their lifes. It is very hard to concentrate these days, I do not
> want to take the test this week, but I guess I am going to unless Cisco
> says something else!
> Chuck.
> Regards,
> (Chuck) Balikcioglu, Sakir
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