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RE: Traffic Queueing posted 09/09/2001
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ANy reason not to use CAR for this? I've seen this done is several networks I work in.

At 10:46 PM 9/8/2001 -0400, Thounda Craig, Jr. wrote:
Cal, you're correct (if policy is to be broad - CBWFQ).  NBAR allows you to
be more granular as you described - should  Sanjay look to control
particular web apps. end-to-end.

As will any QoS design, each ingress/egress point has to be in compliance
w/policy in order to deliver required results.
Note: either will work, just different approaches based on known items
within the network.  Of the two, CBWFQ is the simple method, NBAR requires
detailed knowledge of the network.


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- I guess I would disagree that NBAR is the correct
  IOS feature to implement in this case.

  NBAR normally requires CBWFQ to perform the type
  of filtering of network based prioritization you
  were looking for in your email.

  Though NBAR can provide many "content" based
  services, all you would need is to set up CBWFQ.

  Just remember that prioritizing Internet traffic
  is something you also need to implement with your
  ISP's help.

  Using a QoS method such as CBWFQ (using a standard
  ACL to specify source IP networks) works fine for
  outbound traffic (enterprise to ISP).

  However, you need to have the ISP implement a
  prioritization for traffic from the Internet (if
  you host anything - email, web, etc) or traffic
  from the Internet that is "return" traffic for
  a transaction an internal user initiated.

  Lastly, remember that the ISP has no idea what
  the RFC1918 addresses in your example belong to,
  they will need to prioritize the destination
  networks using public address(es).

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Thounda Craig, Jr.
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Subject: RE: Traffic Queueing

Yes, you can create a NBAR policy w/an ACL for the specified subnet.


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Subject:        Traffic Queueing

Is there a way to allow for more bandwidth to one subnet then the other
to access the internet? Lets say I have 2 subnets and I want to give high priority to subnet for
accessing the internet.

Any info is appreciated.

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