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DLSW Q. sap-priority-list posted 09/09/2001
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Hi All,

Question about sap priorities and what to use.

I've read that sap responses can be one number higher in that F0 (Netbios) has
responses on F1 for example and the same can apply to SNA where 04 could have a
response on 05.

First q. Is this statement correct for SNA as it is for NetBIOS?

Second q. What would a sap-priority list look like for SNA 04 with queries and

Why I ask is Fat Kid 441 shows:

sap-priority-list 1 high ssap 04 dsap 04

but if above is correct it wouldn't work I don't think as there is no mention of

Please help clarify this problem or show me a good URL.

**Please read:
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