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RE: SRT posted 09/07/2001
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I would guess that PC1 is not setup to use RIFs, this is the same problem
that the multiring command fixes when people try to use routers where you
are using PCs.  I have no clue how to set a PC up to use RIFs, try putting a
router their in its place and use the multiring command to tell the token
interface to use RIFs, that should work.


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From: Shane Miles [mailto:smiles@xxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Friday, September 07, 2001 3:30 PM
To: 'ccielab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
Subject: SRT

Why can't PC1 ping PC2?  The Cat3920 is using just a default config as well
as the Cat5000.  I also can't even connect using just NetBEUI.  Thanks.


source-bridge ring-group 73
source-bridge transparent 73 77 1 1
interface Ethernet0
 no ip address
 no ip directed-broadcast
 bridge-group 1

interface TokenRing0
 no ip address
 no ip directed-broadcast
 ring-speed 16
 multiring ip
 source-bridge 11 1 73
 source-bridge spanning

bridge 1 protocol ieee

Shane P. Miles
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