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OSPF over Frame-Relay - Interface-DLCI vs. Map IP/Broadcas posted 09/07/2001
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I'm running OSPF over Frame-Relay in a hub and spoke
configuration.(CCbootcamp labs)  I've set up Router1(hub) to have interface
S0.1 (p2p) and interface S0.2(multipoint).  For multipoint connections, it's
pretty easy because I just input map ip statements.

But for my p2p connection, I'm having trouble understanding when I'm
supposed to use the "frame-relay interface-dlci" , "frame-relay map ip",  or
frame-relay map ip broadcast" statements on the hub and spokes.  Can anyone
help shed some light on this?

I've tried using a combination of all 3 types on both the hub and spoke, and
every time the hub and spoke are able to ping each other without any

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