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Re: Cat 5000 problem posted 09/05/2001
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I would say as long as the power supply comes up by itself, its
probably not the problem. Something in the switch is loading
it down to the point where it won't power up, or an open.
I would return it if you can, if not pull all the mods and
see if it powers up just mounted in ths chassis.
If not visually inspect for opens. If it does, pop em in
one-by-one process of elimination.

Another, verified good,  power supply would help a lot.

Good Luck!

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From: "Alex Hsieh" <ccie21@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Tuesday, September 04, 2001 10:25 PM
Subject: Cat 5000 problem

> hi group
>      I just purchased a Catalyst 5000 switch from ebay.But this switch
> doesn't even power up when I first test it.Power supply seems to be fine
> because it does power up when taking away from chassis.However,when I
> power supply to chassis,the whole switch doesn't power up(power supply not
> functioning).Does anybody know what might have caused the problem?Thank
> for your help.
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