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Re: Cat 5000 problem posted 09/05/2001
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With the info you provided, it sounds like you have a bad verify
this, pull all of the cards out of the switch, and try powering it on.  If
it doesn't power up, then I'd guess you have a bad chasis.  Send it back to
the person who you bought it from on ebay!  If you cant, let me know, maybe
I can help you out.

-Brad Ellis
Network Learning Inc
used Cisco:
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From: "Alex Hsieh" <ccie21@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Tuesday, September 04, 2001 10:25 PM
Subject: Cat 5000 problem

> hi group
>      I just purchased a Catalyst 5000 switch from ebay.But this switch
> doesn't even power up when I first test it.Power supply seems to be fine
> because it does power up when taking away from chassis.However,when I
> power supply to chassis,the whole switch doesn't power up(power supply not
> functioning).Does anybody know what might have caused the problem?Thank
> for your help.
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