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Re: Queue-List Example posted 09/03/2001
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I believe if you are trying to be more precise with your byte count you should use the following
queue-list 2 queue 1 byt-count 2048
queue-list 2 queue 2 byt-count 1024
queue-list 2 queue 3 byt-count 1024


At 05:41 PM 9/3/2001 +0100, Muhammed Omar wrote:
I'm doing the following Queue-List Example question. Could you advise if the
solution is correct & if the DLSw+ and IP packet sizes have have any

Question: Configure Router B's FDDI interface, such that:

DLSw uses 50% bandwidth;

IPX uses 25% bandwith;

IP uses 25% bandwidth;

DLSw packet size is 512 bytes. IP packet size is 1024 bytes. IPX packet size
is 256 bytes.

Answer: For Queueing this is what I think (not 100% sure what significant
packet sizes have if any):

ROUTERB(config)queue-list 2 protocol dlsw 1

ROUTERB(config)queue-list 2 protocol ip 2

ROUTERB(config)queue-list 2 protocol ipx 3

ROUTERB(config)queue-list 2 queue 1 byt-count 3000

ROUTERB(config)queue-list 2 default 4

And apply on interface:

ROUTERB(config-if)custom-queue-list 2

 So the implied total bandwidth is 6000 bytes (since 3 queues & 1st queue has
been assigned higher bandwidth - 3000 bytes). Half goes to Q1 & the other 1/2
is divided equally between the other 2 Qs.
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