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RE: CCIE #8113 Important Point posted 09/03/2001
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What happens if something like this happens on the one day lab?  It will
be kind of hard to defend yourself?  Especially since you will not find
out how you did until a day or so later.  Just curious....Dave

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From: Nathan Cruz [mailto:cciesoon@xxxxxxxx]
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Subject: CCIE #8113 Important Point

I took the Lab on Wednesday and Thursday of last week in SJ, it was my
attempt. I want to thank my study partner Eric who has been such a huge
to me. Also to Mike good luck next week. Thanks to Paul and the people
on the
list even though I'm mostly a lurker I got a ton out of it. I also have
give credit to God for helping me make it through this one, I had seen
people posting thanks to God and I thought "that's kind of hokey you're
one that studied", but after my ordeal I have to say I know that God was
definitely an influence.

Important Point- Now on to the one piece of advice I have.

At the end of day one I felt pretty confident that I would go on to day
So I was surprised, angry, and depressed when I came in the next morning
there was no day two book. Well I sat there sulking while Kathy went
over the
test with two of the candidates before me, then it was my turn. We
going over my test, and as we talked about it I kept saying "I did
that". So
to make a long story short we checked three things that I was told I'd
and they were all there correctly in the configs. Kathy to her credit
was very
professional and actually willing to check to see if there was a
mistake. Any
way she gave me the points back and a day two book, and I went on to get
number. So if you feel like you did something right go over it with the

Good luck to all.

Nathan Cruz
CCIE #8113 (feels soo good)
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