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Re: OT: VPN 3000 posted 09/01/2001
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Did you try anything off here?  Pre-shared keys in the examples....

Good luck!

Frank Jimenez, CCIE #5738
Cisco Systems, Inc.

At 12:13 AM 08/31/2001 -0600, Matt Wagner wrote:
>Sorry folks, but I'm under the gun on this one.  Has anyone had trouble 
>configuring a VPN 3000 to authenticate to a Windows 2000 server?  I can't 
>get it to work.  I wonder if maybe I have to use a different port (default 
>is 139) since 2000 doesn't use NetBOIS.  I have tried the archives and the 
>website with no luck so far.  Thanks in advance...
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