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Re: Funny/Stupid posted 08/29/2001
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This reminds me of one of my own blunders a while back.
One time I put no exec-time on the vty lines.
Every time I opened a telnet session I got disconnected after remaining idle
for a few minutes.  Without thinking about the consequence I would telnet in
again and use another vty line until all 5 vty lines were in use.
When I got disconnected again all 5 vty lines were in use and would not time
out of course.
I finally realized that my firewall was timing out the idle TCP session
after 5 minutes (which is normally a good thing).
Anyway, I had learned that it is a "bad idea" to use "no exec-time" on the
vtys in a production environment.

Dan Pontrelli

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> It was fear of just this sort of problem that drove me to change from
> "no exec-t" to using "exec-t 0 0" - it's a keystroke or two more, but a
> fat-finger won't lock you out of the router. :-)
> Kinton
> CCIE #5867
> At 8/28/01, Martyniak, James wrote:
> >My lab is at work.  Working on the lab from home I type my default config
> >notepad including:
> >
> >line con 0
> >  no exec (meaning no exec-timeout)
> >
> >I try to shortcut things to much sometimes! With no remote power cycle, I
> >on my way to work to 0x2142 my routers!
> >
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