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ISDN/OSPF Question posted 08/16/2001
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I was working in the lab last night on ISDN and OSPF.
I have included the following basic commands I was using.
I was trying to block all hellos and updates. My thought
process was based on the following URL:

When I would do a sh int, the BRI would be up, up (spoofing).
When I would do a debug ip ospf packets & events, I would
continue to see updates from networks on the other side of the
ISDN link. I also tried adding passive-interface bri0. CDP
is disabled in this case.

Based on the URL above, this should do it. The dialer-list
permits ip. Should I set up an access list to block OSPF
hellos and updates? Let me know what you think.


int bri0
ip ospf demand-circuit
ip ospf network non-broadcast
ip ospf database-filter all out

router ospf 100
neighbor priority 0
area 5 nssa
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