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Re: Code Red - and its workarounds with NBAR posted 08/14/2001
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When I was looking at this I found on the Feature sets we are running,  HTTP
protocol is not supported in versions below 12.1(5)T

See below on a 7200 running 12.1(4)E1

VEWAN-R1(config)#class-map match-any http
TEST-R1(config-cmap)#match protocol ?
  aarp              AppleTalk ARP
  apollo            Apollo Domain
  appletalk         AppleTalk
  arp               IP ARP
  bridge            Bridging
  bstun             Block Serial Tunnel
  cdp               Cisco Discovery Protocol
  clns              ISO CLNS
  clns_es           ISO CLNS End System
  clns_is           ISO CLNS Intermediate System
  cmns              ISO CMNS
  compressedtcp     Compressed TCP
  decnet            DECnet
  decnet_node       DECnet Node
  decnet_router-l1  DECnet Router L1
  decnet_router-l2  DECnet Router L2
  dlsw              Data Link Switching
  ip                IP
  ipx               Novell IPX
  llc2              llc2
  pad               PAD links
  qllc              qllc protocol
  rsrb              Remote Source-Route Bridging
  snapshot          Snapshot routing support
  stun              Serial Tunnel
  vines             Banyan VINES
  vofr              voice over Frame Relay packets
  xns               Xerox Network Services



henryd31@xxxxxxxx on 08/14/2001 05:41:40 AM

Please respond to henryd31@xxxxxxxx

To:   ccielab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
cc:   (bcc: Gordon W Skinner)
Subject:  Code Red - and its workarounds with NBAR


Sorry if this is off topic here. I think this is within our studying
depth but if not
Then I apologize ahead of time before someone decides for unneeded

Anyway, I need to change a bit the example from Cisco
s web site to
The Red Code spreading thru the routers by using NBAR.

And here is what I
m trying to do.

class-map match-any http-hacks
  match protocol http url "*default.ida*"
  match protocol http url "*x.ida*"
  match protocol http url "*.ida*"
  match protocol http url "*cmd.exe*"
  match protocol http url "*root.exe*"
class-map match-any normal-traffic
  match any
policy-map drop-inbound-http-hacks
  class http-hacks
     police 10000 1000 1000 conform-action drop exceed-action drop
violate-action drop
  class normal-traffic
     police 10000000 10000 10000 conform-action transmit exceed-action

Simply speaking, I
m trying to bypass the marking of the packets (with
either DSCP or Precedence), as they are already identified By the class
 and enforce the policing right in the first policy-map.
One of the reasons I
m trying to do this, I don
t want to upgrade to
their recommended IOS version >=12.1.5T
m running 12.0.18S Service Provider version currently. All this looks
good but I
m not sure if I implement
This whether it will work properly. Can
t test it, not much time left
before I have to implement something there.

Any ideas as to whether this should work, or someone implemented it
would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and sorry for OT.
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