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Re: Taking the number with you... posted 08/14/2001
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I looked into this because I was concerned about the likelihood of needing to leave my company after passing. I have never let my company pay for a cent of certification for me and I study on my own time. Nevertheless, Cisco has an oblication to their partners to protect their investment. Otherwise, what small company in its right mind would encourage their employees to pursue Cisco certification? Even in our case, the company can still argue that the experience that we got while working for them helped us to prepare, and had they known that we would jump ship they wouldn't have wasted their time on us.

That said, I thought it unfair that a company incapable of really utilizing me should be able to hold me captive, so I talked to some people at Cisco. What I found was that, first of all, the company doesn't have claim to you unless they have made some kind of application for Cisco status utilizing your CCIE number. In other words, if your cert can't help them go Silver, or if you bail before they can try to apply, they are SOL. Obviously the same would be true of Gold, except I suppose you would not be quitting in the current market if you were working for a Gold Partner.

Also, I asked about whether the bulk of companies are looking for fresh CCIE meat for their partner status, or whether they just want to have more on staff. The response that I got was that while some companies are looking for someone to round out their cert requirements for Silver or Gold, most of the CCIE jobs are not in that catagorie.

Anyway, from the feedback that I got it sounded like there isn't much to worry about unless you anticipate your company really needing your CCIE# and your prospective employer needing the same. And really, that would give you tremendous leverage with your current employer if you take it up with them before they apply for a status change.

For the record, I can't provide documentation for any of what I've said, it's just the result of some detective work that I did when I had the same concerns. You've seen the official rule on the website (although I don't think it discounts any of what I've said) and if you want more specific info you should talk to Cisco so that you know you have the right and most up-to-date information.

Hope that helps a little.


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what if you pay for the ccie yourself?

Scott Morris wrote:

> You definintely take the number with you. :) YOU earned it, right?
> I think it's only a 6 month blocking period. But that's to prevent partners
> from "raiding" other partners... So they sorta have to get "permission" for
> an immediate transfer of assignment to make that count right away. Remember
> that your CCIE number does benefit the partner in terms of extra discounts
> 'n' stuff.
> You still get to decide where your number is used. If you're on contract
> (ie. it specifies you're hired for one year), then there won't be any
> dispute over your hiring status, and your number will count for the new
> employer right away.
> Hope this helps.
> Scott
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> Subject: OT: Taking the number with you...
> Hope this is not too much OT :
> I have a question about "taking the Number with you". So if you change your
> company, you take the number with you and you can be counted as a CCIE for
> your new company for any Cisco Partnership Programs (e.g. RSA Contract,
> Silver, Gold - Partnership). From when will you be able to be counted for
> this company, if your old company say's "it's o.k., we don't want to block
> you" ??? Does anyone on this list have detailed information on the
> mysterious 12 month blocking period ??? What exactly is it for, does ist
> always apply ?
> How is the situation if you don't change the company but you are hired for
> e.g. one year to an other company. Can you take your title with you to that
> company ? And can you take it back without any problems after the hire
> period ?
> I would greatly appreciate any information on this. Please don't answer "ask
> cisco" because I did so to ccie@xxxxxxxxx one week ago and still have no
> reply.
> Kind regards,
> Boris Bertelsons
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