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Re: CCIE Lab Changes posted 06/21/2001
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What I think would be interesting to find out is if your collegue was 
given the choice to take the 1 day lab vs. the 2 day, or if it was 
"forced" upon him.  How much would that rattle you guys to take a beta 
exam when you were geared up for a 2 day lab?

Brave soul......

Ron Fuller, CCIE #5851, CCDP, CCNP-ATM, CSS Level 1, CCNP-Voice, MCNE
3X Corporation

"Michael Davis" <miked@xxxxxxxxxx>
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06/21/2001 12:35 PM
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        Subject:        Re: CCIE Lab Changes

A factual tidbit:

As for date, I have a collegue who took and passed (#7646) the 1-day 
in RTP on Monday.


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Subject: CCIE Lab Changes

> Okay, I appreciate everyone's two cents but this is starting to add up 
> real money.  Since I take it John Chambers hasn't called any of us and
> we've all decided to go ahead and try, let's start concentrating on what
> KNOW.  I think that everyone is interested in:
> When will the change happen (the date)?
> What is the new format and are new topics going to be introduced?
> How will it affect me (scheduling, difficulty, prestige vs "Classic 
> etc)?
> Gnashing teeth won't accomplish anything.  If anyone has real 
> please forward it to the group.  When we get the truth, let's agree to
> concentrate on helping the poor bastard who has to go first.  Form some
> ad-hoc teams to work on the unexpected.  Maybe we could put together 
> scenarios on the new topics or a "pre-configured lab" - TFTP files and
> diagrams on how to wire.  Design something for a small home lab or a 
> rack".
> Discover facts.  Stick to our study schedules.  Help each other with new
> topics and the unexpected.  Nothing has changed.
> Regards,
> Brent D. Stewart, CCSI
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