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RE: CCIE Practice Kit Scenerio 1 Question posted 06/18/2001
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Is there a reason why you can't use a regular expression?

Something along the lines of a route-map that matches an as-path access-list
that matches the regular expression ^$ meaning don't allow this AS to be a

Just a thot you can investigate, and let me know if that was the solution.


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Subject: CCIE Practice Kit Scenerio 1 Question

I have a question regarding scenerio 1 in the CCIE
Lab Practice Kit.

Step 46 is:

"Under no circunstances can AS100 be used as a transit network for AS200
to reach AS300.  To acomplish this, no additional configurations should
be added to any router other than R2."

R4-AS200------R5-AS200		R6-AS300
    \	     /                      /
     \	    /                      /
      \    /                      /
       \  /                      /
        \/		        /
     R3-AS100              R2-AS100
	\                     /
         \                   /
          \                 /
           \               /
            \             /
             \           /
              \         /
               \       /
                \     /
                 \   /
                  \ /

To me, the obvious is just set a route map on R2
to set community no-export on learned routes from R6.

But when you read the solution, they start telling
you to do this and that with R3.  Yet the objective
specifically said to mess with R2 only.  Anyone else
experience this when doing this scenerio?


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