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RE: FR - Map Vs Intf-dlci. posted 06/07/2001
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Inverse-arp is always enabled on a frame interface.  You have to specify the
no inverse-arp to disable it.  From your question if you put another
frame-relay interface-dlci it will not throw away your map commands.

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From: Rajeev Siddappa [mailto:raj_lab@xxxxxxxxx]
Sent: 07 June 2001 21:30
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Subject: FR - Map Vs Intf-dlci.

Hi Guys,

Consider a situation where u have configured a
multipoint subinterface with 3 to 4 map statemnts for
a single DLCI. If I now put a Intf-dlci on the same
multipoint interface for the same dlci, all the map
statements will disapper according to Caslow. page no:

1.  Does that mean that Inverse Arp will be enabled
once I put the fram-relay Intf-dlci command.

Thank you,

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