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DLSW: Allowing all SNA, but Denying all NetBIOS posted 05/30/2001
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Since we've had a flurry of DLSW today (Three posts or so), I figured
I'd let one loose as well...

As the topic indicates, I'd like to prevent the exchange of all
NetBIOS reachability information across the enterprise.  What is the
best way to go about this?  I can't seem to find a cure all "dlsw
disable netbios" command, or anything resembling it.  The best my
peers have been able to come up with is hard coding names as being
unreachable, preventing explorers.  This sounds like a tremendous pain
in the a** to me as they will have to constantly keep an eye out for
new hosts being searched.  It sounds like a logistical nightmare to

I've been pouring through the documentation...  Where's the magic

**Please read:
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