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RE: Serial-Numbers posted 05/29/2001
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I know that there is no way to get the s/n on a 16/26/36xx, 4xxx, or 25xx
router as the command does not exist on older routers, even on 12.1T.  On
16/26/36xx routers, the command "show diag" will only show the port adapter

As for 7xxx boxes, I can't remember if it actually shows the cybus number,
which would essentially be the unit serial number or not (as all other
serial numbers, VIPS/RSM's etc. are tied to modules which can be swapped

The other alternative is to enter the serial number/sticker number into IOS
via the snmp chassis-id command.


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if I make on a Catalyst Switch a "sh version" or "sh module" I can see
all Serial-Numbers of the installed modules.
With the command "sh version" on a Cisco router there will be only
displayed a "Processor board ID .... ", that is not the same as the
I've heard, that the "Processor board ID" of the router was some
years ago the S/N.
Does anyone knows, if there exists a command to display the correct
Serial-Number of an Cisco-Router ?

Thank you.


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