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Troubleshooting IQ Questions posted 05/25/2001
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Hi Group,

The following questions are draw from CCBOOTCAMP troubleshooting part.

1.	Suppose the console speed is changed by "speed xxx" command to
something apart from the default 9600 bps. How can you recover ? Apart from
trying all possible values (300, 1200, 2400,...), what other ways are there

2.	Suppose the command "exec-timeout 0 1" is applied to the local
console so that you do not have enough time to type in the appropriate
commands to recover. What could you do ? One way I can think of is to do
boot from rommon> and boot with a clean running-config. But as soon as you
copy the startup-config to the running-config, the command "exec-timeout 0
1" will function again.

Any ideas ?

Howard Choi
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