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Re: OT: CCIE losing clout? posted 05/24/2001
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Geez, posting such drivel is bad enough,
but you just set yourself up to be slammed
by thousands of people.  

Go back to the CCNP bulletin board, and leave
this nonsense out of a professional discussion

Perry Jannette wrote:
> While talking with a headhunter recently he made these comments.
> "I don't really work with CCIEs over #6000 cause they're only able to get
> about 85k cause companies know they don't have the experience. Companies
> aren't impressed by these 6 and 7 thousand numbers, they might as well send
> one of their CCNPs out. The 2000 and 3000 numbers are still well respected,
> with 4000 and 5000's falling in between."
> Anyone else heard these types of comments?
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**Please read:
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