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Re: Redistributing connected into ospf posted 05/24/2001
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The router where you are attempting to redistribute...

Is it in area 0, or another area?

If it's in another area, is the area configured as a stub, or totally-stubbed
area?  Stub and Totally-stubbed areas do not mix with external routes, which is
what you end up with when redistributing.  To preserve the 'stub' benefits in a
non-zero area, but allow for external networks, look into the use of OSPF's
not-so-stubby-area features.  NSSAs were specifically developed so that ASBRs
would not have to exist in area 0.  Prior to the NSSA, external routes had to be
introduced into the OSPF routing domain by an ASBR in area 0.  This limitation
led to the growth of area 0, eventually leading to instability.

Another possibility is that you've ommitted the 'subnets' switch on your
redistribute command.  Without it, the command will only redistribute the
connected networks if the interface masks jive along classful boundaries.  This
quirk leads most of us to always use the 'subnets' switch whenever we
redistribute into ospf.  There is no case that I'm aware of where the 'subnets'
switch would have an adverse effect.

Hope this helps...


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Sent: Thursday, May 24, 2001 11:14 AM
Subject: Redistributing connected into ospf

> Hi,
> When I'm redistributing connected networks into ospf they don't appear in
> the database. This only happens if those interfaces are running ospf at the
> same time. Another thing I've noticed is that if I summarize these networks
> they do appear in the database and the routing table. Can anyone explain?
> Guy
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