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RE: OSPF /28 to IGRP /24 posted 05/24/2001
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Thisi s a very good question!

A friend of mine told me to work on a scenario where I am suppose to
summarize without the routing protocol to point to null 0.  I told him he
was on crack since that's a safety feature in a protocol...

Is this even possible?

PLEASE HELP!  Its driving me crazy!


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Subject: Re: OSPF /28 to IGRP /24

Just to add more salt to the it possible to summarize OSPF and
EIGRP without pointing the route to null0???
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Sent: Wednesday, May 23, 2001 9:01 PM
Subject: OSPF /28 to IGRP /24

> Thanks again to everyone who took their time to help me out with this.
> I loaded a new IOS version (12.0 (7)T ) and it worked right away.  The
> answer was the to redistributed connected subnets on the ASBR and create a
> summary address, shortening the /28 network to a /24.  The IGRP router
> immediately had the new /24 summary-address in the routing table.
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