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Lab Equipment posted 05/24/2001
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Hi to all,

I suspect that many of you have gotten this question before.  I searched the
archives but could not find exactly what I want.  So I apolgize in advance.
But I want to lean on your experience about purchasing equiment to practice
for the lab.  I know a lot of people have equipment to sell, but I want to
know what I should purchase on a moderate budget.

I think I would like just enough equipment to build any lab from Marc
Russell's CCIE boot camp.  But also any other equipment any of you would
recommend.  Basically I would like a list if I could be so bold to ask.
(Including any ISDN simulators, MAUs, etc)

Thank you very much in advance.

Glenn Williams - Network Engineer - MCSE, CCNP, CCIE wannabe
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