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RE: Compressed IOS Image posted 05/23/2001
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If you're working in a Microsoft environment you can download a utility
called mzmaker (see link below) which is a DOS port of the UNIX compress
command. If you have access to a UNIX box you can just use the compress

>From my experience with running compressed images on 2500s I've found that
the largest image I could successfully run with 16 megs RAM was an image
that was about 12.5 megs in size before compression. This is about the size
of 12.0(4)T Enterprise/FW Plus IPSec56 image for the 2500. Another nice
thing is that you can run images without any flash at all in the router.
Just boot the compressed image from a TFTP server or another router
configured as a TFTP server. A small issue with the mzmaker utiliy is that
it doesn't seem to understand long file names. So before compressing an
image you need to shorten the name.

copy c2500-jos56i-l.120-4.T.bin c2500.bin
mzmaker c2500.bin c2500.Z
copy c2500.Z c2500-jos56i-l.120-4.T.Z

Good Luck!

Brian Dennis, CCIE #2210 (R&S)(ISP/Dial) CCSI #98640
5G Networks, Inc.
(925) 260-2724

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First question, How do I compress IOS images (for 2500s), and 2nd do I have
to do anything special to have the router load a compressed image?



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