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DLSW bridge-group doubts posted 05/22/2001
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I was unable to get the DLSW bridge groups working. I have used the follwoing


dlsw bgroup-list 10 bgroups 2 3
dlsw local peer-id prom
dlsw remote-peer 10 tcp

int e0
bridge-group 2

Router B
dlsw local peer-id prom
dlsw remote-peer 0 tcp
dlsw bridge-group 1

int e0
bridge0gr 1

Above is just the sample config I used. But when I change the RouterA's config
similar to RouterB ( removing the bridge-groups), It does work.

Another doubt, when we use ring list should we still have to have source-bridge
ring-group in the global config to attach Token rings traffic to DLSW? or just
dlsw ring-list command will do this?

Any ideas please?


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