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RE: another redistribution question posted 05/21/2001
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I believe you use the "summary-address" command when summarizing between
OSPF and another routing protocol.

The "area range" command is for when you summarize from one area to the next
(on an ABR) within OSPF.

To summarize from one protocol (e.g. EIGRP) into OSPF, use the
"summary-address" command under the OSPF "config-router" mode.

For your situation (summarizing from OSPF into another routing protocol), if
IGRP acts the same as EIGRP, then you configure it under the interface
"config-if" mode, and the command is...

"ip summary-address igrp 101 X.X.X.X Y.Y.Y.Y"

Of course either/both command(s) is/are configured on the router that runs
both OSPF and IGRP.

Thank you,
Greg Posey Jr.
CONECTS Network Analyst
CCNP - Security Specialist
Cisco Voice Access Specialist

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Subject: another redistribution question

Ok, here is my redistribution question:

Suppose I have an OSPF area (say area 0) with a /28 mask and I am
redistributing with IGRP which has a /24 mask.  Can one summarize the area
0 using the area range command on the ASBR?  I tried and could not get it
to work.  However, what I did get to work was to create a loopback on
another router in my ospf domain using the same subnet I have in my area 0,
but with a /24 mask and then advertised that into ospf and all was well on
the IGRP router.  I could ping all of my /28 ospf interfaces.  Does anyone
have any suggestions other than this?  Did I miss anything?

Thanks everyone,
David Anderson
Network Design Engineer
Enterprise Solutions Architecture & Design
(408) 853-5515
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