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hello & my change with minimum LAB posted 05/17/2001
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Hello all,

My name is Himawan Nugroho. I live in Indonesia.
I just join the group today, and I have registered to take the exam in
Brussel in November

Unfortunately, my boss force me to take the exam on mid July, probably in
Singapore or Sydney.. :-((

I have setup my own lab in the office, several 1720s (the cheapest I can
get ), 2611s, cat5K, ISDN lines and FXS modules. I can get all of those
since that stuff can be re-sell by the time I pass (I hope!)..
So..there is no way I can get 3920 and ATM..

With only about 60 days left, do you guys think I have change to pass in
S'pore ("the most scary lab") ?..without touching 3920 and ATM?

Note: would you mind to give me great comment to increase my moral,
please.. :-)))))

Himawan Nugroho
Network Solutions Specialist
IBM Global Services - Indonesia
Voice : 62-21-5238897, Fax : 62-21-2512933
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