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RE: Reconciling Cisco BGP with the RFC posted 05/14/2001
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The local-RIB is the actual routing table - 'show ip route bgp,' whereas
'show ip bgp' will display the inbound announcements from all of the
neighbors (RIB-in). Displaying the RIB-out is as you stated.


Mas Kato

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I've been reading the BGP RFC 1771 and wonder if someone could help me
reconcile it with Cisco's implementation.

The RFC talks about 3 RIBs.


Can someone confirm that the Loc-RIB is the BGP table shown via  "sh ip
bgp", that the Adj-RIB-in is the table shown via "sh ip bgp ne x.x.x.x
received-routes" and that the Adj-RIB-out is the table shown via "sh ip
ne x.x.x.x advertised-routes".

I've checked through Halabi and the groupstudy archive, but cant find
anything to confirm/deny.



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