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Re: Limiting propogation of a route to a specific area posted 05/04/2001
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The only way I can think of would be making all the areas you don't want this route to be present in stub areas. Of course that would also block all other LSA 5's. Another way would be to make that particular area an NSSA and filter the route from leaving the area on the ABR.

At 08:57 AM 5/3/01, you wrote:
Hello All,

I was curious whether anyone was aware of any means to control
a route within a specific area within OPSF. More specifically,
if a default-route is configured to a null on an ABR, and originated
within OPSF, is there a means to control which area will propogate the
route and which area will not? It seems logical that within an area lsa's
must be consistent, but if the route were prevented from being inserted into an area, then it seems it should work.

A distribute-list on an outbound interface is a no-no. (and really do address the issue of keeping the orute out of the undesirable area anyway) so what are the alternatives?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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