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RE: Cisco 2511 Terminal Server posted 05/03/2001
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The whole point of having a terminal server is not to telnet to your
routers, all you have to do is connect an octopus cable from your ASYNC
ports on the 2511 to the console port of your other routers, then you need
to configure the terminal server with an ip address, I would use a lo
interface address such as and then here is the command you need:

ip host "Name of router" 2001

in this example you have a router ,which you can give a name, connected to
your first console cable labled 1 of your octopus cable which is connected
to ASYNC port 1-8.
to access your routers all you need to do is type the name you give it, if
you gave the first router a name of R1, then type R1 at the prompt of your
terminal server and you should be good to go, to get back to the TS use

Hope that helps......

Louie J. Kouncar
TCO3 Senior Data Center Engineer

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Subject: Cisco 2511 Terminal Server

Hello All,

Recently purchased a home lab in efforts to prepare for my CCIE lab, having
some issues configuring my terminal server!  I have verified my config (on
my terminal server as well as my remote router) but the message i get is as
follows when i try to connect from my terminal server to the remote router:

TerminalServer>telnet Router1 2001
Trying Router1 (, 2001)... Open

It seems as though the session is being established but I am not getting any
type of display!  I would really appreciate if someone could point me to the
right direction for any available papers on this issue or possibly give me
the solution!

Thanks in advance!

Steve Grewal

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