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Re: Bootcamp Lab #8 - BGP Question posted 05/02/2001
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Think loopback address.  If the ethernet or serial interface on the router
fails, in theory the loopback interface address will still be reachable
unless the router is completely isolated from the rest of the network.


Julie Stewart

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Subject: Bootcamp Lab #8 - BGP Question

> I'm hoping someone can at least give me hint on this one.  Question 17 in
> Bootcamp Lab #8 - "Configure your BGP in AS2 such that if an ethernet
> interface goes down on R5 or R6, BGP will remain up."
> R6 and R5 are connected by Ethernet.  R8 is an external peer of R6,
> connected by Serial, and R1 is an internal partner of R6, connected to a
> Serial port on R5.  R5 is not running BGP.  I assume the question is
> - "If the Ethernet between R5 and R6 fails somehow, configure BGP so that
> the internal peer on R6 (to R1) stays Established.  Any hints?
> Much appreciated.
> Greg Heilman
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