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RE: ISDN Simulator posted 05/02/2001
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I rented an ISDN simulator from Merge technologies

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Subject: Re: ISDN Simulator

Which series did you get?


Andrew <arousch@xxxxxxxx> on 04/17/2001 10:28:00 PM
Please respond to Andrew <arousch@xxxxxxxx>

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Subject:  Re: ISDN Simulator

Adtran ATLAS series.

At 09:15 PM 4/18/01 -0500, alex fayn wrote:
>Can anybody give me the suggestion on where to get ISDN simulator and which
>one to buy.
>Or if anybody have one for sale let me know off line  @ afayn@xxxxxxxxx
>**Please read:
**Please read:
**Please read:
**Please read:
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