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RE: PPP encapsultation in Serial Line posted 05/01/2001
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The host route is normal with any PPP link.  It can be a problem with DDR
and redistribution, but shouldn't matter in your configuration.  You can
stop it with another line in your config.

When the PPP line is down, check the interface.  If it is up/up and you see
  LCP Open
  Closed: IPCP, CDPCP
you might have to bounce the interfaces to get the NCPs to negotiate.

- Charles Johnson
  CCIE #6878

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Subject: PPP encapsultation in Serial Line


I have some problem with ppp encapsultion on Serial line in my Router..
When I use HDLC , there was no problem but after I changed encapsultion
mode to PPP ..I have following problems...

1. sometimes link was down couldn't ping between neighbor routers
: change encap mode from PPP to HDLC work fine and after I can
ping.. change again to PPP. Neighbor router can ping each other.

2. There is 32bit mask network like (C<<- R6's serial
ip.) in my R5's Routing Table

(R5)[s1] -------ppp-----------[s1] (R6)

3. when I configure IPX networking...disconnect problem again...

Do you have any recommand with PPP encapsulation on Serial Line ?

I just use "encapsultion ppp " command in my serial interface.

Thanks in advance.



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