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Re: Where to Sit the lab? posted 02/08/2001
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Have no idea whether it's easier or not at different locations. The issue 
for me
and others , is your employer going to pay for you flying halfway around
the world to a different CCIE lab site? I work for Cisco and they won't pay for
doing this. And I a not going to pay thousands of dollars to fly to Brazil 
to take
a lab test there in the "hope" that it's easier there.  Which by the way I 
don't think is that much easier.

  I would strongly discourage trying to find ways around the testing system
and trying to find a site that will be easier to pass at.
Just spend as much time practicing and studying as possible. If you are
ready you will pass no matter where you take the lab. It can be a painful
process getting there but just take it as a learning experience.

  Just my two cents ...


At 04:28 PM 2/7/01 -0800, asda fsdaf wrote:
>I've heard stuff that it may be easier to sit the R/S
>lab in some locations than others e.g. Soth Africa.
>Some have said that all locations have standardised
>labs, so it makes no difference where u do them.
>Others argue that some protectors are nicer/easier to
>reason with etc
>Any thoghts please?
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