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New Member From Japan! posted 01/29/2001
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Hello! I have just joined the CCIE Lab list recently.

I am scheduled to take the lab  on February 23th and 
24th in TOKYO.I have already read "All in One Lab Study Guide"
Caslow's book and Harabi's book many times.

Before my lab test,I lose my confidence in myself 
because of my inexperience about Network.Now I'm studying
CCBOOTCAMP,but I feel these labs are very difficult for me.
LAB1-5,6 are OK.But other LABs are beyond my power...

Recently I have bought Cisco 2500s(7!) ,4500,3620 with FE and
Catalyst 5505 and therefore I can study for LAB at home.
But I don't know exactly where to start.Then I have a question to all.

Which points should I study intensively for NEW LAB (IOS version 12.0) ?

I am very confused  and nerves because this lab is my first try.

Please forgive my poor English.. I'm not good at English...

Yours sincerely
JT mailto:cisco139@xxxxxxxxxxx

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