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Re: Voice Dial-peer question posted 01/29/2001
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From: "Tim Ross" <ross2k@xxxxxxxx>
> I have a question about dial-peers. When I set up router one with:
> dial-peer voice 1 pots
> destination-pattern 3255551001
> port 1/0/0
> I can dial from a second router with a pots line, with the following
> dial-peer voice 1001 voip
> destination-pattern 325555....
> session target ipv4:
> However, I want to be able to set up the first router with
> destination-pattern 1001 (dropping the 325555) from the config, so that
> local phones on its router will only have to dial 1001 to call it. When I
> this, I can't dial from Router2. I thought the 1001 would match the final
> four digits by default. Can I can multiple destination patterns to one
> dial-peer? Such as
> dial-peer voice 1 pots
> destination-pattern 3255551001
> destination-pattern ......1001
> destination-pattern 3255551001
> port 1/0/0
I believe someone else stated the num-exp command as well, but in global
config you should be able to drop:
num-exp 1... 3255551...

David C Prall   dcp@xxxxxxxxxxx

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