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Re: looking for v.35 serial patch and cord posted 01/25/2001
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On Thu, 25 Jan 2001, Barry J. Bocaner wrote:
> Hadax is the company that made them, and hadax was bought by ADC.  Here
> are the parts you need to make it work:

Just to clarify, those are ADC part numbers.  I think the actual ones in
the lab were made by another company but they are identical to the
hadax/ADC ones so I suspect hadax bought that company.  It isn't cheap
either, I bought a full chassis (17 modules) and it was somewhere around

If anyone wants the user manual I have it as a PDF.

  Barry J. Bocaner
 Sr. Network Engineer          TruEdge Technologies
  <barry@xxxxxxxxxxx>           703-573-9884 x 103

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