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DLSw - Introducing a dummy device posted 01/24/2001
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I've asked this before but haven't got a answer yet or
a definate no that it isn't possible. I'm trying to
emulate a NetBios (or whatever) device to introduce
into the DLSw reachability table so it can be learned
on peers and give me something to verify that my DLSw
configurations are working accuratly. 

The problem I have is I don't have equipment at home
and have access to racks w/plenty of gear but none
with no servers or workstations. I have tried numerous
ways to try to set up static netbios names,
icanreach's, etc but so far haven't had any luck
getting something in the reachability table. 

If anyone can provide a sample config for getting a
dummy station into DLSw I would appreciate it very
much (I'll buy you a drink or two even). I've been
studying DLSw peers and have peers, etc up but I'm not
confident since I don't see anything in reachability
table. I'm the type that needs to see it work and be
able to play with it and break it; not just rely on

Thanks in advance! 
Erick B.

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