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RE: NDA posted 01/23/2001
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On Tue, 23 Jan 2001, Price, Jamie wrote:

> No offense but people using the test as a study tool is a big reason why
> there's a 6 month wait list. 

None taken, man!  I am against a rapid-fire approach to the lab (done in
now by LONG wait on the scheduling!), but I don't see a problem with
taking it the first time to "get the feel" of it.  Too many people on this
list are psyching themselves out.  The best remedy for that is to TAKE THE
TEST.  Remove the mystique. just might PASS!

However, I would never recommend doing it if you don't THINK you have a
chance of passing.  You have to KNOW and UNDERSTAND and CONFIGURE routing
and switching on the platforms listed with the technologies listed.  I
felt confident enough to do it, so I did, and failed.  But I also brought
away a flavor of the lab test that NO CCIE boot camp, at a far greater
cost, could duplicate.

If I add ALL the expenses that I incurred on the way to becoming a CCIE,
it's already paid off.

> The first time yeah - there's a huge psychological obstacle to tackle
> too.....but once you've been for 1 attempt you shouldnt, ethically,
> return until you feel confident you can pass.

I failed the first attempt, but still felt prepared as I was walking out
the morning of the second day.  If there had been an opening the next day,
I would have taken it, without guilt, because I STILL felt prepared.  The
test environment itself is unique and can't really be described until you
are there.

I don't spend $1000 of anyone's money to fail anything.  

> Maybe thats the answer to the wait list issue - raise the lab fee to $10,000
> :)

And it would STILL be worth the coin when you passed it.  =-)

Andrew Short                                      ashort@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
CCIE #6641                                               Colossians 3:23 
"It is rare, but not unprecedented, for a hockey player to face criminal
charges for action on the ice." -Associated Press

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