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RE: CCIE Written Beta results - posted 01/12/2001
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Got mine today. I never thought I'd be happy about failing a test, but in
this case, it is so.

One lab is bad enough.

My score was 53. Nigel - were you around there? My breakdowns averaged out
about what your did.


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    I don't know if anyone else got their Score Report but I received =
mines yesterday and I'm still in denial.  Yes, denial!  When I took the =
exam I really felt that the test itself was reasonable and well written. =
I must admit that when taking the exam it almost felt like the R&S exam =
with a bunch of security.  In any event I missed the grade.  From the =
score sheet it does shoe me that I was week in security and Application =
protocols.  Well here's the breakdown;

Security Protocols:      45 (Ouch...!)
Operating Systems:     60
Application Protocols:  30 (Ouch...!)
General Networking:     75
Security Technologies: 40 (Ouch..!)
Security General:         90
Cisco General:           100 (weee heee.!)
Cisco Sec. Apps:         50 (Umm..)

As I said I surely failed this exam because of my overall weakness in =
Security.  Oh yes before I forget... the=20
passing mark was tagged at 65% and I only got a 57%.  like I said I =
thought it was a pretty good test and=20
before receiving this report...... "I thought" I did....

In say that I'm drawn to remember a funny saying about the man that =
"thought"... :->

Review over...


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