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extended ping and setting TOS posted 01/12/2001
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Hi All,

what is the trick to  setting the TOS bits using extended ping -

I have not been sucessful in finding a reference or getting it to work.

I have tried creating extended access-lists with both precedence and tos 
and then tried using
variations of hex, binary, decimal in the extended ping command with no 
luck. And the extended ping
command never gives an error no matter what format I enter - i.e. hex, 
decimal, binary.


Julie Ann
                                         Julie Ann Connary
           |           |                  Network Consulting Engineer
          |||         |||                  Federal Support Program
        .|||||.     .|||||.                 13635 Dulles Technology Drive, 
Herndon VA 20171
      .:|||||||||:.:|||||||||:.    	       Pager: 1-888-642-0551
     c i s c o S y s t e m s     Email: jconnary@xxxxxxxxx


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