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ISP-Dial Written - My Experience posted 01/11/2001
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I am writing this message because I wish that someone had written it for me
when I wondered what the exam was like and what to study. For my
preparation, I borrowed heavily from my previous experience preparing for
the CCIE R&S exams.

Here is how I passed step by step:

1. I went to the CCIE web site and downloaded the exam blueprint.
2. I then read every paper recommended on the CCIE web site until I
understood the material.
3. CCO was my only resource, no books, so I used CCO to study each of the
topics listed in the blueprint. I did not attempt to memorize or understand
every single detail, just the big picture concepts.
4. After I had read something about every topic, I scheduled my first exam.
I did not expect to pass, but hoped I would anyways. I ended up failing by
one point. Note that a passing score was 65%.
5. As soon as I left the exam, I wrote down all the questions I could
remember, especially those I had trouble with. I researched them over the
next week and scheduled the exam again.
6. I passed the exam on the next try and here are the breakdowns from the
score sheet:

Section Title:

Telecommunications Company (Telco) Technology
Security and Access Services
IP Routing
OSI Layers

I feel that the exam is not as difficult as the R&S exam, but there are some
questions that will drive you crazy along the lines of "what is the best
state in the US, choose all that apply." My previous CCIE experience
definitely helped a lot, but do not be scared of taking this exam. My first
try at the ISP-Dial lab now awaits on 14-15 April in San Jose.


David Wolsefer, CCIE #5858 R&S

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