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VoIP question? posted 01/11/2001
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Hi all,
I have a router with 2 FXS ports and a seperare analog phone plugged into
each port. If a VoIP call is directed from a remote router to this router
using a destination pattern of say "3189", can I configure the local router
to ring the phones on both FXS ports and establish the call to whichever
handset is picked up first? I'm familiar with the dial-peer configuration to
have one particular port ring but not how to make both ring. Any thoughts?
I've included the current single handset ring configs from both routers

Paul Thomas

Remote Router (2 FXO ports)
    dial-peer voice 1 voip
        destination-pattern 3189
        ip precedence 5
        session target ipv4:

    voice-port 1/1/1
        connection plar 3189

Local Router (2 FXS ports)
    dial-peer voice 1 pots
        destination-pattern 3189
        port 1/0/1

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